Gift shop and merchandise products are not just good sales materials, but also a good way for zoos to build long-lasting relationships with their visitors, provide educational support and raise awareness for species and conservation projects. They also help provide income for zoos and aquariums to bolster ticket sales and sponsorship, and can contribute to the funding of in situ projects run or supported by the zoo.  EAZA’s corporate members working with merchandising offer various products including custom and generic soft toys, animal-themed toys and gifts, books and apparel.



Ralf Nature has been making custom shirt collections for zoos and aquariums for 20 years. Ralf's staff includes some of the best Spanish nature illustrators and designers. 

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Ravensden is specialist supplier of animal themed toys and gifts for the zoo, aquarium, leisure and promotional markets across Europe. We stock a huge variety of animals from sloths to moths, ants to elephants and pretty much everything in between. We like to think our soft toys are far more than just ‘products’, they’re kids’ companions, best buds, something for youngsters to love and cherish. If you are looking for a range of fast selling merchandise that is a little different why not give us a try.

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